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PostSubject: Nathan_Boulevard[Reporting]Brian_Lucas   Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:20 pm

This is how it began,i walked around,i needed guns,i saw him in a yellow banshee,i got in it,he said where to,i said i need guns,he said ok,as he drove he tied me up,i rped,then he done as i was tied /em takes his phone,i said it was powergame and noobish nonrp,he done than /me takes all from him(powergame too,you cant take soemthing from me if i dotn have it,etc /me takes all from him,and if i have nothing..,how he know what i haved?,he didnt even frisk me,he accented as a noob,then i done /me reaches his pocket.,/me gets a knife out,/me attemtps to tie the rope and succeeded,/em jumps out,as he parked at jizzy's,i went on a NRG and drove to him,shouted HAHAHAH ASSSHOLE!(in IC,not OOC),then he kicked me for :
You have been kicked by Brian_Lucas,Reason: Next Time=Ban
And here are the ss's:

__________________ Thats wh i want to be admin,please accept me,because of these fools you only worst your servers,He's an noob i ask my selfe how he became a admin= Suspect That's why i want to be one admin,Kick him,Admins=7,Add Me,Admins=8 again,,,, Post on this topic [ACCEPTED AS ADMIN] If you accept me,and post [REFUSED AS ADMIN] if you refuse me
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Chris Gambino

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PostSubject: Re: Nathan_Boulevard[Reporting]Brian_Lucas   Fri Feb 08, 2008 1:37 am

Tell in the reality you will come People : Exause me sir, maybe you sell weapons?
I offer you to read several instructors on the internet on how that games is real in the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan_Boulevard[Reporting]Brian_Lucas   Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:31 am

Oo really suck rp :\ but what can I do we have to talk with all
and Nathan I havent see you about two days.....
mm pm me in game we will talk.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan_Boulevard[Reporting]Brian_Lucas   

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